Windows 10秋季创意者更新 Build 16193 ISO镜像下载

今天早些时候,微软在为Windows 10四个正式版发布累积更新补丁,与此同时,还放出了Build 16251秋季创意者更新的ISO镜像。新特性方面,微软允许安卓手机和电脑合二为一,即跨设备同步浏览(iPhone、安卓均已支持)。二是免打开浏览器可在小娜中直接获取网页搜索结果,三是小娜的语音命令(目前仅英语)现在可以直接实现锁定、睡眠、关机和重启电脑等高阶操作。


Windows 10 Insider Preview – Build 16251

Windows 10 Insider Preview Enterprise(企业版) – Build 16251

Windows 10 Insider Preview Education (教育版)- Build 16251

Windows 10 Insider Preview Home Single Language (家庭单语言版)- Build 16251

Windows 10 Insider Preview Home China (中国家庭版)- Build 16251



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跨平台重签ios应用 – python解决方案 isign

A tool and library to re-sign iOS applications, without proprietary Apple software.

For example, an iOS app in development would probably only run on the developer’s iPhone. isign can alter the app so that it can run on another developer’s iPhone.

Apple tools already exist to do this. But with isign, now you can do this on operating systems like Linux.


雷蛇键盘配置工具 for linux

Gaming on Linux is big business now, and many ardent gamers use a Razer keyboard or mouse.

Razer doesn’t offer any Linux support itself, preferring to leave the nitty-gritty to the open-source community — which many awesome individuals have dutifully done for several years.

Polychromatic is a neat desktop app for managing Razer keyboard and mice on Linux. The app, created by Luke Horwell, is powered by the open-source Razer Chroma Linux Drivers daemon.

Kubuntu council member Aaron Honeycutt came across the tool while trying to get his Razer Blackwidow Chroma keyboard to play nice with Ubuntu.

It supports a number of Razer Blackwidow peripherals, including the Blackwidow Chroma, Ultimate 2013 and Classic keyboards, and the Mamba mouse.


安装成功后找到Polychromatic打开,enjoy it..

ubuntu 16.04 安装mysql 5.7后无法用普通账号登陆mysql

ubuntu 16.04 在apt直接安装mysql 5.7过程中没有询问输入密码,安装完成后后无法用普通账号登陆mysql,即使用了mysql_safe启动修改密码也无效
但是用sudo mysql -u root 的话,却可以不提示密码直接登陆。

1 – First, connect in sudo mysql

2 – Check your accounts present in your db

| User | Host |
| admin | localhost |
| debian-sys-maint | localhost |
| magento_user | localhost |
| mysql.sys | localhost |
| root | localhost |

3 – Delete current root@localhost account

Query OK, 0 rows affected (0,00 sec)
4 – Recreate your user

Query OK, 0 rows affected (0,00 sec)
5 – Give permissions to your user (don’t forget to flush privileges)

Query OK, 0 rows affected (0,00 sec)

Query OK, 0 rows affected (0,01 sec)
6 – Exit mysql and try to reconnect without sudo



A quick list of the things you can’t do in the Skype for Linux alpha:

No video calls
No desktop screen sharing
No support for running two clients at once
No 32-bit Linux support
And a quick list of the things you can do:

Instant messaging (inc. group)
One-to-one voice calls
Group voice calls
Add contacts
Use new emoticon packs